Old White English (White English Bulldog)

Old White English (White English Bulldog)

Postby sunnyAK on 10. December 2011, 22:52

Old White English

"It is believed that White English were developed from Alaunts introduced to the southeast region of the United States, in the late 1500's, when the Spanish settled this region. These dogs were used to guard farms,livestock, settlements, and forts for the Spanish. This is probably why they are only found in areas along the Desoto Trail or areas around sites of old Spanish forts and settlements. Aluants were a type of dog not necessarily a breed. There were different strains of Aluants bred to do different functions. The colors ranged from from brindle to white. Brindle Bulldogs and White English come from the same type dog known as the Aluant. This explains why many White English have brindle or red patches. The brindles were used as attack, hunting, and ferocious guard dogs and the white ones as guard dogs. After English colonists moved into these areas they also used these white dogs to guard livestock, homesteads, and settlements. This is where they get the name White English. They are not to be mistaken with the English Bulldog. They are two totally different breeds. White English are a working farm bulldog that has been used in this area for generations. Farmers did not register these dogs and this breed is unknown to much of the world, since most major registries do not have a category for them. The NKC quit registering them in the late 1960's due to all the controversy over the White English, American Bulldogs, and Old Southern Whites.

In the early 1970's the American Bulldog breed was established using White English as the foundation of it's breeding program. Other breeds were mixed with White English and Old Southern Whites to create the American Bulldog. Due to the popularity of the American Bulldog, White English were nearly crossbred out of existence. There are not as many pure White English as their were before the popularity of the American Bulldog. Some people try to say that an Old Southern White is the same thing as a White English. It is just not so. An Old Southern White is a strain of White English with another breed mixed in. Old Southern Whites do not have Johnson or Scott lines in them though. In fact, an Old Southern White is the same thing as an American Bulldog, a White English mixbreed. I like Old Sothern Whites and American Bulldogs but they are not pure White English. I have owned both White English and Old Southern Whites and they are not the same breed. Once you mix another breed with a White English, that bloodline is forever altered. You can never get the temperament back to what is considered "White English". We keep our White English lines pure, but we do acquire Old Southern Whites which are removed from our program once their temperament is evaluated. A White English and Old Southern White can be identical in appearence but not temperament.

Their is controversy between a few breeders about whether or not White English make good catch dogs. The truth is that in the south, hog hunters do not normally use White English to catch because White English double bite. This means they are known to let go of a hog and rebite. It is dangerous to have a dog that will let go and rebite. Yes, I have a friend who uses a White English to catch wild hogs. The dog was free and given to him because it let go of a hog and nearly got the hunter killed by the boar. If you mention White English to a hog hunter, the most common response is that White English just do not make a good catch dog for wild boar. Breeders who are in it for the money will tell you anything to sell a dog. I think White English are the best breed in the world but if I go hog hunting I want a breed that will catch and hold. Not let go. Brindle Bulldogs would be a safer choice when catching wild boar.

On the other hand, Old Southern Whites which are a White English mix, make great catch dogs. They usually will release on command due to the "on & off " switch they get from the White English. Old Southern Whites are just an American Bulldog ( mix bred bulldog that is heavy on the White English side).

White English are a perfect alternative to paying thousands of dollars for a trained protection dog. This breed is a 1st class guarding breed that does not have to go through extensive training to be everything you want in a guard dog. In fact, we take a firm stand against any training such as personal protection, shutzhund, or bite work of any kind. This breed guards by instinct and does not need any encouragement. If you want to show them a few commands, you will find that to be very simple. These dogs are very intelligent and submissive, so teaching them is simple. It doesn't take formal type training. In one afternoon, after showing my first White English what I wanted him to do, he would sit and stay on verbal commands and also sit and stay using hand signals only. I am not a dog trainer either. He was the first dog I ever worked with. He will still do it and I have never had to show him again. There is much controversy in the White English breeding community,so please take the time to educate yourself."

Any sign of fear, nervousness, unprovoked aggression, or lack of submission to being handled is not only a disqualification, but also revokes breed quality registration.

Completely loyal and fiercely protective of its master, the master's family, property, livestock and especially the children. Absolutely never challenging to any member of the family. Completely submissive to its handlers. With or without a threat display. May have more play and be more active than a CWE.
A moderate agile bodied dog standing on moderate but powerful legs of average bone. The neck should be solid; shoulders should be well muscled and well defined. Elbows should be in line with the dog's shoulders and feet. The musculature is not extreme or bulging as to allow for agility, quickness, and endurance. Feet are round and compact with noticeable webbing between toes.
females: 55 - 85 lbs. 20" - 24"
males: 65 - 110 lbs. 21" - 25"

Square with noticeable or moderate stop. Supra-orbital arches pronounced with a center crease between the eyes to the back of the head. Muzzle square and broad, half brick 2 1/2" to 3 1/2". Bite: Scissor, reverse scissor to 1" under at most. Classified as mesocephalic, (square skull). or dolichocephalic, (long skull), though most commoly mesocephalic. Ears are rosette or flopped. Eyes are any shade of brown or amber. Unacceptable eye colors include blue, yellow, green, glass or marble.

Color and Markings
White, with or without patches of color, shades of red brown, all shades of brindle; never covering more than 25% of body. Black only pigmentation and spotting which is found on the skin, around the eyes, on the nose and lips, and the genitalia. Coat is coarse with slight feathering on back of hind legs. The tail, when not docked, is long, thick at base, and feathered at end.

Family and livestock protection. Controller and retriever of the roughest livestock, even in wetlands. Suffices as an all around hunter from treeing squirrels to bears. Better suited for hunting than is the CWE.

some pictures:

My special thanks goes to the breeders Heather and Josh for sharing their informations and pictures with me.
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Re: Old White English (White English Bulldog)

Postby Lscarlette on 23. December 2011, 23:20

This breed is simply fantastic and this comes from 1 who never let me say it never ever would have entertained considered any kind of Bulldog....Just goes to prove a fav old Ignorance is not bliss it's vulgar
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Re: Old White English (White English Bulldog)

Postby IamTitanium on 26. December 2011, 05:33

Lscarlette wrote:This breed is simply fantastic and this comes from 1 who never let me say it never ever would have entertained considered any kind of Bulldog....Just goes to prove a fav old Ignorance is not bliss it's vulgar

indeed scarlette, very nice and "clean" looking dogs without any exaggerations.
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